So It Has Been a While!

Whoops! It has been a hot minute since I have got on here, but all with good reason! My life has been one big rollercoaster that didn’t seem to stop from January- until now! If you follow me on Instagram (@injuriestomd), you know that I just had knee surgery, so most of my time is spent either on an ice machine, or my CPM machine, but what else have I been up to since January?


  1. I finished my sophomore year of college! (Yippie!!) This semester was one of the most stressful yet. Lets just say that organic chemistry is a killer! I’m happy to say I made Deans List and ended on a very high note.
  2. I finished my last semester with football as an athletic trainer. This experience deserves a post of its own. It was one of the best experiences and I have taken so many memories with me. In addition, I learned so much about medicine and myself throughout the process.
  3. This leads me into the next one, I am going to be the Athletic Trainer for Swim and Dive next year! This is going to change things up for me! It is now two trainers for about 90 athletes versus 15 trainers for about 120 athletes!
  4. I am taking two online classes this summer, Statistics and Psychology (Intro). Because I picked up a certificate and minor (surprise!), my schedule is jam packed until I graduate! These classes don’t start until the end of June so I’ve got some time!
  5. So yes, I picked up a minor too in Health Advocacy. This was not as bad to pick up as it was only two additional classes, but with the certificate it does add more to my plate!
  6. As I mentioned above, I had knee surgery! It was a long time coming but I had the OATS procedure for my knee (Osteochondral Autograft Transplant). I think this is going to deserve a blog post of its own too!
  7. We are in the process of adopting a dog! I’m super excited about this. Ever since I was a child I wanted a dog, but it just never happened. Now that my dad is traveling more, my Mom is wanting a companion. Even though I won’t be home most of the time to enjoy its company, it will be nice to come home too!

I think that is all that has been happening! What do you guys want to see on the blog this summer? Leave a comment or leave me a message on Instagram (@injuriestomd)



Almost Halfway There!

The new semester has officially started! (That is so crazy to say!) They do not mess around when they say that college flies by. After this semester is complete, I will be halfway through college and it is one step closer to (hopefully) being accepted into medical school!

This semester is going to be, yet again, VERY busy! As of right now, I am taking 19 (oh no) credit hours and I may add an additional hour of research. I am for sure doing the research, but to whether I am taking it for credit or not, I do not know.

I will also continue to be a student athletic trainer for the football team this semester! It will be my last with the football team, which makes me really sad!! I do not want to leave them! I should be finding out my new sport assignment around February! This semester they do all their workouts/practices in the morning, which will entail early mornings. Probably arriving around 5am. Most days I will be there until around 11:30 when I have to get to class for 12, whilst one day I will stay until 1pm as I have no classes. This means that all of my classes are scheduled after 12pm. (Which was technically supposed to be 1pm, but that just wasn’t possible. I was unable to take some of the classes I wanted to because of this.)

So what classes am I taking this semester?

  1. Organic Chemistry II- I am so NOT looking forward to this class. Organic Chemistry I was miserable, so I can only imagine how the second one is going to go down. I am going to go in to it with a positive attitude and work my tail off though!
  2. Organic Chemistry II Lab- Not much to say about this one 😉 . Hopefully some fun experiments are in store!
  3. Human Nutrition and Wellness- This is a 3 credit hour class online. It is one of the pre-reqs for the certificate I am planning on getting. I do not see this one being a hassle to complete!
  4. Ethics in Healthcare- This class focuses on moral reasoning and ethical theories in medicine. We will look into the code of ethics and the obligations health professionals have to patients, colleagues, employing institutions and the community. I am excited for this class, as we will be doing case studies and analyzing situations!
  5. Interdisciplinary Health Advocacy- This class is going to be interesting. We will be working with patients who are seeing out health resources, health services, and health information. We will become health navigators and will work with the community to develop and maintain a health resource data base and will help patients as they try to attain a healthy lifestyle. I have no idea what this class will have in store, but I am excited!
  6.  Health Law- Now this is the class I added last minute, as it is not required for my major, but is required for my minor (assuming I go ahead with this minor). This is an introduction class to tort law that is applicable in health care covering governance, patient rights, informed consent, medical/moral problems, malpractice, tax laws, contracts, labor law, regulation and institutional liability. All sound  very interesting to learn about!
  7. Health Service Administration- This class will meet one day a week and the other day we will have online work. I love classes like this, as it provides a group setting, but also an independent work setting! This class focuses on the theories and practices of administration in health care.
  8.  Health Information Management- Lastly, this class will be fully online and starts in the middle of March. (Weird, I know!) This class overviews the challenges that were associated with the health care change and improvement of the Recovery Act of 2009. We will focus on the implementation of Electronic Medical Records and learn how to successfully implement these into our medical practice. I must admit, I am super excited to learn about the electronic medical records after working with them for a while now!

I hope that everyone’s spring semester goes well! What are you taking this semester? I would love to know!


New Years Goals/ Resolutions

Happy New Year! I cannot believe that 2017 has come to a close and boy what a year it was! It is hard for me to say that 2017 was a complete bust, because in reality it was not. It did, however, come with much sorrow, sadness, and tragedy that I wish could have reversed.

Some highlights of 2017:

  • I started shadowing in the Emergency Department and Orthopedic Sports Medicine Clinic at my school. I met two AMAZING doctors!
  • I completed Freshman year of college
  • I got accepted as a student athletic trainer
  • I traveled to Italy, Switzerland, and Charleston, South Carolina
  • I started athletic training for the football team
  • I learned SO much
  • Started my Sophomore year of college
  • Saw some family that I had not seen in a while
  • Went to a bowl game with the football team
  • Oh… and I created Injuries to MD!

Of course the year had his pitfalls being:

  • I lost a mentor due to a senseless tragic event
  • I lost another doctor at the clinic due to a heart attack
  • My grandma passed away
  • My uncle passed away
  • Organic chemistry did not go as well as I had hoped
  • My anxiety and panic attacks went through the roof
  • I quickly realized that I could not endure everything alone

I look back on the past year and these main events and have mixed emotions. Some make me so happy and some bring tears to my eyes. I never thought my year was going to endure some of things that I went through. The four deaths also occurred within the last 5 months. Needless to say, it felt like it was never going to end.

With that being said, I know 2018 is not going to be all whimsical with rainbows and butterflies. I struggle EVERYDAY. I am still learning this new life without the closest people around me. I have had to trust others more than I have ever wanted to. I will admit that was not easy for me and it still is not. That is another post for itself though and I will save that to share in the near future.

When it comes to New Years Goals/ Resolutions, I am not the best at making them. It is easy for me to say I want to workout more, be a better athletic trainer for my athletes, travel, get good grades, etc. However, I know that I always become so disappointed with myself when I do not stick to my goals. So instead this year I am making a personal and emotional goal that whilst I know is going to be hard to stick with when times get tough and emotions run high. I do know that those closest in my life will remind me of these goals everyday and will hold me to it. And when things get tough, I will press on and continue to fight.

So what is that goal/ reminder?

  • For me to be OK with myself and not let anyone tell me otherwise
  • Tell my friends and family what they mean to me when I see them.
  • To not be afraid of my future and trust that everything will work out as planned
  • (And the hardest one of all) To know that it is OK to not be OK

I hope that 2018 welcomed you with open arms and that you have a healthy and happy year. I would love to hear what your goals are whatever they may be!


Grief. It hits you in waves. One moment you are fine. The next you are a mess. You struggle to keep it together, even if you are trying SO hard to keep that smile on your face.

I have been faced with grief a lot the past four months. I have experienced three deaths of people close to me. I don’t know how to handle this. I’m not sure anyone knows how to handle this. But for someone who hasn’t had to face grief before it has been tough.

The first was a mentor. A doctor. He was one that was tough on his patients, but because he had to. Because he was a pain management doctor. Because patients didn’t like to hear that he wasn’t going to write them prescription medications for their pain. He was tragically taken from us, due to a patients hate toward him. It shook our community. It shook the practice. It shook me. I was supposed to be there that Wednesday shadowing another physician, but wasn’t due to him being on vacation and me preparing to come down to school the next day for athletic training.

A month or so later, another physician was taken from us. A heart attack. He was young. He left two young kids. He left a practice and a family that loved him dearly.

The most recent one has been the toughest as it is family. My grandmother went to the be lord a few weeks ago. As I prepare to fly back to England for a quick 72 hours to say my goodbyes, I struggle with the fact that she is gone. I want to call her and realize I can’t. I wan’t to hear her voice one last time and I won’t. I wanted to call her the Sunday after our last home game and tell her all about it, and I couldn’t. It’s moments like this I realize that she is gone, and the wave of emotions start. She was my last grandparent. And now she is gone to be with my Grandad.

Grief is hard. It come in waves. It hits you. You’re fine one moment and not so much the next. One thing I do know, is that all three of these people are with me as I continue my medical journey.

I am forever thankful for my school family, my family, and my athletic training family. The past four months have been grueling. I have not been me, but I am learning that it is OK to not be me through this. It’s all going to take time to heal.

Round 1 of Exams– Check!

I can’t begin to explain how crazy my life has recently been! We are on a three-week home game stretch which has turned out to be more insane then I thought! We are currently 4-1 which is super exciting! Fingers crossed for the rest of the season!

I asked my Instagram followers what they wanted to hear about and I had a big request for how my first round of exams went/ what I do to prepare (especially for chemistry)!

In short, most of them went well whilst a few could have gone better. I am loving my Gerontology class and did really well on that exam. In addition, I love my Health Policy classes and did really well on those! Organic Chemistry went OK, but could have gone better along with Global Diseases. For most of my exams, I start studying a week in advance. It may be a crazy way to do it, but it helps me to spread everything out.

So, this year I have Organic exams on a Wednesday night so the studying starts the Wednesday before the exam. This exam covered three chapters, therefore my days were divided reviewing these three chapter, reviewing homework, and doing practice exams.

Day What I Do
Wednesday Review chapter 1 material and homework.
Thursday Review chapter 1 material and homework.
Friday  Wrap up chapter 1 and being chapter 2 material and homework.
Saturday Review chapter 2 material and homework.
Sunday Wrap up chapter 2 material and homework and begin chapter 3 material and homework.
Monday Today we finished Chapter 3 material. For studying, I finish reviewing/learning the material learned today. In addition, I take about two practice exams to see where I stand.
Tuesday I take about 2-4 more practice exams depending on what I am struggling with. If I see a frequently missed concept/topic with all my practice exams, I go back and review that topic with more practice problems.
Wednesday Test Day at 8pm!

I do a quick review of the notes and call it done. What you don’t know, you don’t know at this point. I find it easier to lay low and breathe a little!

I had football practice 3-6 and did not stay any longer. This gave me a few hours to eat, relax, and make it to my testing location!

Post exam I go back to my room, shower, and go right to bed! I don’t like to think about the exam or what the outcome may be! It’s turned in at this point and there is nothing more I can do but wait!

It’s important that you find what is right for you! For Organic, I transfer my notes into a notebook, where everything is color coded. For Gerontology, I type notes in class and out of class from the book. I then make note cards with potential questions, definitions, and important details to test myself. One thing I do NOT do, however, is re-watch lectures. The only reason I go back is if I missed a topic. If I don’t understand it, I would prefer to sit down with my Professor and have them re-teach it to me in person, because typically it means I did not understand how they worded it the first time. Don’t be afraid to tell your professor you don’t understand. Most are more than happy to explain in a different way if you ask! Some YouTube channels are really helpful as well.

I hope exams went well for you! Are you ready for round 2?

A Boat, a Star, and a Wave

Maybe it is the fact that school has started. Maybe it is the fact that I’m struggling with the loss of someone I cared so deeply about. Maybe it is the fact that I am now juggling an in-season football schedule and trying to meet up with the demand of my players. Maybe it is the fact that I am trying to do my best for everyone else. Maybe it is because I struggle to put me first.

Oh yes. There’s a lot of maybe’s and I wish I could sit here and tell you which “maybe” category I fit into. There’s many exciting things that come along with being a pre-med student and a student athletic trainer, but we can be real. There are a lot of stressful things that come a long with them. I remember last year, being a Freshman, I was left to juggle how I was going to survive general chemistry, biology, shadowing, volunteering, and my other classes in just a 24 hour time period. Now this year I am juggling organic chemistry, my 500 other classes, and being a student athletic trainer. I love every second of it, but it’s days like today that I am struggling. I’m struggling to keep that smiling face. Struggling to understand how I am going to make it. Struggling with 800 different emotions.

When a boat comes at the time of a storm, do we hop on it or do we let if float by? When we see a shooting star, do we wish upon it, or let it go by? When life hits us like a wave do we go surfing or do we drown?

I’m choosing to take the boat, wish upon the star, and surf the waves.

What are you choosing?

Camp is Done!!

Guys!! Camp is done!! I survived 3.5 long weeks of taping, treatments, practices, men, and smelly feet!! *Does a dance party* The last 3.5 weeks have taught me a lot. Not only about the new machines, taping, and the athletes, but about myself.

I learned that I am stronger then I believe I am. Smarter then I think I am. But most importantly, that I love medicine and helping others.

So what has the last 3.5 weeks entailed you may ask? Well… I have met 9 other Student Athletic Trainers who are amazing. They make me laugh and go crazy, but are fun to work with. There is only two of us girls, so we have to stick together with all these men! I have two amazing GA’s (Graduate Assistants) who have been nothing but funny, caring, and welcomed us all with open arms. Most importantly, we have an amazing Assistant Football Trainer who has helped me out a lot. I couldn’t be more thankful. I’ve learned how to use 500 (OK, a little exaggerated) machines like GameReady, Normatec, BioWave, Stim, and Ultrasound. I have used/ they have been used on me these machines in the past, but using them on a regular basis has been fun! I have learned how to use plastic wrap to wrap ice bags on, make the perfect ice bag, and fight with athletes to ice their sore knees, feet, shoulders, and fingers! I have learned multiple taping jobs, got to tape many of my players, and have had many players come back to me to be taped. (Which is the best feeling) I have come close to 14 guys which I call “my guys” (I oversee the Wide Receivers for my team). I continue to have daily arguments with them that hydrating is one of the best things they can do for their body. (And by hydrating, I mean hydrating with the right stuff!!!) I have met two amazing coaches who have welcomed me to the group with open arms (WR’s coach, and his Quality Control Coach). I continue to meet people who amaze me everyday.

So where do we go from here? Well season is almost upon us! We have 10 more days until our first game, which is away so I will not be working that game (I get to go to one away game which is in November). In the meantime we have a set schedule of when I am at the facility. It is going to be crazy, especially since classes start TOMORROW!!

WHAT!?! I know, crazy. I can barely handle the thought myself. The past 3.5 weeks of camp it has been hard to remember what day, let alone timezone we are on so this should be an interesting start to the year! I am excited to see what Sophomore year brings as a Pre-Med student! I have got some BIG classes this semester and I am SO excited to share what happens with you all!

How many of you have/ will be starting classes soon? Are there any you are excited for? Nervous for?

We are going to ROCK this school year!

Choosing Faith Over Fear

My week is about to get a WHOLE lot crazy starting in 3, 2, 1… I arrived on campus Friday morning to start my Student Athletic Training journey and it has been non-stop crazy. We have been learning A LOT. I’ve been practicing my taping skills like crazy and learning 500 new machines. (I keep thinking how crazy the technology we have in our healthcare system!) My first day with my players is tomorrow, so fingers crossed that everything goes well… and not south. I’ve heard it can go from 1 to 100 very fast!!

Throughout this process I have been so fearful. Feared that I will not get along with the other trainers. Feared that the players won’t like me. Feared that the players won’t want a girl doing their treatment. This fear has been settling with me for months now. Fear can be debilitating. It’s like a piece of paper. It can go from being perfect with no creases to being crumbled and unusable in the snap of a finger. This past weekend it hit me. I am going to have to choose FAITH over FEAR. Fear is only going to hold me back more and if I keep looking at the what-if’s it is only going to hold me back more.

So for now, I choose to be fearless and faithful. I trust that everything will work out and that my athletes will like me, I will get a long with my other trainers, and that everything will work out as planned.

I hope you choose to be faithful and fearless with me! 🙂

Welcome to Injuries to M.D.!

Welcome! I am so glad you stopped by to Injuries to M.D.! My name is Lucy and I am a rising sophomore studying Human Health Sciences with a pre-medical focus! I am interested in Orthopaedic surgery, but that could always change! I am starting a new journey of becoming a Student Athletic Trainer at my college! I hope that I am able to share with you my pre-medical journey to medical school and my athletic training journey including the good, the bad, and the ugly!

The name, Injuries to M.D., came about from my past. I have had 4 knee surgeries and a wrist surgery all within the last 5 years. It was during this period that I decided that I may have a “calling” for medicine and started shadowing in Pediatrics, and Orthopaedic surgery. (And fell in love with the surgery side!) Over the years I have also shadowed in Emergency Medicine, General Surgery, and Physical Therapy. Throughout my journey I hope to be able to share these experiences with you!

A few fun things about me: I LOVE food (who doesn’t?!). I have a bigger love for chocolate. I love to travel. I love the color pink. I play golf. I love sports (including football and basketball). I’m easily injured. 😉

I’m excited to start this crazy journey with you all! Feel free to comment, email me (, and follow me on Instagram! (More social media sites to come!) I would LOVE to hear from you!