Choosing Faith Over Fear

My week is about to get a WHOLE lot crazy starting in 3, 2, 1… I arrived on campus Friday morning to start my Student Athletic Training journey and it has been non-stop crazy. We have been learning A LOT. I’ve been practicing my taping skills like crazy and learning 500 new machines. (I keep thinking how crazy the technology we have in our healthcare system!) My first day with my players is tomorrow, so fingers crossed that everything goes well… and not south. I’ve heard it can go from 1 to 100 very fast!!

Throughout this process I have been so fearful. Feared that I will not get along with the other trainers. Feared that the players won’t like me. Feared that the players won’t want a girl doing their treatment. This fear has been settling with me for months now. Fear can be debilitating. It’s like a piece of paper. It can go from being perfect with no creases to being crumbled and unusable in the snap of a finger. This past weekend it hit me. I am going to have to choose FAITH over FEAR. Fear is only going to hold me back more and if I keep looking at the what-if’s it is only going to hold me back more.

So for now, I choose to be fearless and faithful. I trust that everything will work out and that my athletes will like me, I will get a long with my other trainers, and that everything will work out as planned.

I hope you choose to be faithful and fearless with me! 🙂


Welcome to Injuries to M.D.!

Welcome! I am so glad you stopped by to Injuries to M.D.! My name is Lucy and I am a rising sophomore studying Human Health Sciences with a pre-medical focus! I am interested in Orthopaedic surgery, but that could always change! I am starting a new journey of becoming a Student Athletic Trainer at my college! I hope that I am able to share with you my pre-medical journey to medical school and my athletic training journey including the good, the bad, and the ugly!

The name, Injuries to M.D., came about from my past. I have had 4 knee surgeries and a wrist surgery all within the last 5 years. It was during this period that I decided that I may have a “calling” for medicine and started shadowing in Pediatrics, and Orthopaedic surgery. (And fell in love with the surgery side!) Over the years I have also shadowed in Emergency Medicine, General Surgery, and Physical Therapy. Throughout my journey I hope to be able to share these experiences with you!

A few fun things about me: I LOVE food (who doesn’t?!). I have a bigger love for chocolate. I love to travel. I love the color pink. I play golf. I love sports (including football and basketball). I’m easily injured. 😉

I’m excited to start this crazy journey with you all! Feel free to comment, email me (, and follow me on Instagram! (More social media sites to come!) I would LOVE to hear from you!